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Friday 27 July 2018

The Progress of Decline


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Wednesday 28 September 2016

Letter To The Radio Dispatch RE: Taking a Knee

The Radio Dispatch is one of my top 3 podcasts. On their 20.09.2016 show they mentioned a high school football team in Washington -- the REAL Washington, not DC -- were the whole team took a knee during the Star Spangled Banner. I'd heard the story on local media, so I wrote them a letter with the details.

Here is John and Molly, the hosts of The Radio Dispatch, reading and commenting on my letter.

Here is my letter:

Hi John and Molly,
While listening to the Tuesday Sept 20 show (recorded on Monday), I heard you mentioning a high school team taking a knee during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. The school in question is Garfield High in Seattle. Yes, the whole team, including the coaching staff (see attached pictures, and video link below), took a knee. As did several players on the opposing team. So here is my somewhat long winded report.

The Garfield head coach, Joey Thomas stated, "If these kids can be courageous enough to do this as kids, and they're leading by example, what impact can you have."

Asked about criticism that kneeling disrespects the flag he answered, "We respect people in the armed forces. The Army, the Navy. Again, we can't say it any clearer than that. This is not a disrespectful movement. And I think that's kind of a smoke screen not to deal with the issues."

The only seemingly critical statement came from one parent's essentially dismissive questioning whether the players understood the meaning of their actions when she said, "I don't know if they really understand why they're doing it. I feel that they're just kind of emulating the professional players they've seen do it."

Several students of the opposing team, West Seattle High School, also knelt. Their team's assistant coach was asked about the demonstration and said, "Some of us choose to stand for the same idea that would cause them to kneel. And we respected that their expression might look different than some of our expression, but in the end we all share that same goal." When the reporter then asked whether he found it disrespectful to kneel the coach said, "It depends what's in the person's heart, and I'm not one to judge."

The student singing the song was asked her thoughts about players and coaches kneeling and said, "As long as people are listening and know what I'm singing about, that's all that matters."

The Seattle School district made the second most amazing statement about the demonstration, after the Garfield coach's, about the students. "Students who choose to kneel during the national anthem are exercising their rights under the First Amendment. Seattle Public Schools supports students' rights to free speech."

This whole event just gave me chills. This new generation of teens and young adults understand the world and the significance of their actions far more than most adults want to give them credit for. It scares the adults, in my opinion, that many of our youth are no longer willing to suffer the inconsistencies and outright bullying of adults to sweep current events in this country that will affect them for the rest of their lives under the rug, and ignore the changing paradigm for justice and equity in treatment. If I were there social studies teacher they would all get A's for the year.

That's enough out of me. Love to you and all my scoocher peeps.


Your Socially Maladroit (pronounced: MAL-a-droyt), and Pacific Northwest Correspondent,

Andrew From Olympia
And the "nw" does indeed stand for Northwest.

Tuesday 6 September 2016


The powerless and marginalized are always castigated as subversive for daring to renounce the lie of divine right to their oppression, and calling out as psychopathy the wealthy and powerful’s aggressive concentration of ever greater wealth and power in to their fewer and fewer hands.

Wednesday 27 January 2016


I heard you died. Well, I didn't actually “hear.” It only recently occurred to me to type your name in to Google and see what turned up. It still strikes me with disbelief that what turned up was your obituary. Even though I've felt for many years now that we would never meet again, it's a shame that we won't. I'm not sure what my feelings would be if we had, though. Honestly, it's like that part of my life had never existed. My leg is the glaring proof that it did, of course.

I found a fragment of a letter I'd started writing back in 1995. It never got finished for reasons that I can't enumerate, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't because I was super awake to all the things that happened that weren't painful. Most of the memories I have from back then only tangentially involve you. It's as if you were merely incidental. That's total bullshit, of course, but it's been decades, and that experience has formed me in ways that I still can't articulate. So it may as well be as if it were non-existent.

This is a heavily edited version of the original stream of consciousness that emerged when I sat down to write. I guess what I'm really left with now is the futility of attempting to reconcile those years. Any feelings I have are moot. I don't suppose I'll be reaching out or sending a letter to California. Almost everything from back then doesn't matter any more. I wish I had more to offer your memory. I'm being vague about a lot of things on purpose. You lived out your life. Now it's over. If there were things left unsaid between us they will stay that way for eternity.

And One For the Dead

Monday 11 January 2016

Time For A Song -- Bradley Arlin Wilkerson edition

This is for Bradley Arlin Wilkerson wherever he is, with memories of East L.A.

© Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Peermusic Publishing

Rest now, David.

Monday 2 November 2015

Rep. Denny Heck #2

Rep. Denny Heck
10th District, Washington State
425 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
phone: 202-225-9740 fax: 202-225-0129

Message Subject: Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act.

Message Text:
Thank you for taking the time to read this message. My name is Andrew Mark Jackson from Tumwater, WA. I am a transportation cyclist. This means that I ride a bicycle as my primary means of transportation. I do not own a car. I am also disabled. My bike is a vital mobility device that allows me nearly door-to-door access to my community and beyond that would simply be inaccessible otherwise. The Carter amendments 68 and 69 and Yoho amendment 158 discussed below would effectively penalize me for simply being a cyclist, and potentially make community access for myself and others throughout the country more difficult by limiting dollars available to create safe walking and cycling facilities, and forcing greater populations of non-motorized traffic to share resources designed for motorized transportation. All pedestrians and cyclists, disabled or not, deserve safe and adequate infrastructure and project funding.

Recreational trails are often the highways of walkers, bicycle commuters, and transportation cyclists alike. Here in Olympia, WA where I live our Wilderness Trail and Chehalis Western Trail are safe and well used links in our community transportation system. Two recent projects that received part of their funding from the 2005 federal transportation bill are bridges over Pacific Avenue and Martin Way, two very busy surface streets that connect the cities of Lacey and Olympia. These bridges support the safe access to business and professional resources by the surrounding neighborhoods, and also serve as conduits to commuters on bicycle and on foot. Completion of the Martin Way bridge may have been delayed, and the Pacific Avenue bridge may have never even begun without federal dollars. These projects have added incalculable value to our communities, and created safe activity spaces for all of our citizens. Facilities and dedicated cycling infrastructure such as separated lanes alongside motorized traffic in urban centers provide safe access to businesses and professional resources by reducing the interaction of either.

Please vote no on the Carter amendments 68 and 69 and Yoho amendment 158 to the transportation bill.

The underlying Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act includes a carefully constructed agreement on bicycling and walking funds. It rolls transportation alternatives into the surface transportation block grant while maintaining the local control aspects and competitive process that made transportation alternatives program effective at helping Mayors and communities fund their transportation priorities important to their communities.

The Carter and Yoho amendments undermine the Shuster-DeFazio compromise. Rep Carter has two amendments. #68 makes biking and walking projects ineligible for certain types of transportation funding. #69 compromises local small project funding, often used for bicycling and walking projects. These amendments cripple the ability of communities to meet transportation demands of growing populations.

Representative Yoho's amendment 158 would make the Recreational Trails Program ineligible for any transportation funding also crippling the ability of communities to meet transportation demands of growing populations.

I ask that you please support the Shuster-DeFazio base bill and oppose the Carter and Yoho amendments.

Thank you for your consideration.
Andrew M. Jackson

23 November 2015
Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thank you for contacting me in support of funding for trails, walking, and biking in the House transportation bill. Since hundreds of amendments were filed to the bill, it was extremely useful to hear from you about which ones I should pay exceptionally close attention to.

Of the three amendments you mentioned, Carter #68 and Yoho #158 were not debated during consideration of the transportation bill, and Carter 69 was debated but withdrawn before going to a vote.

Although these three amendments were not included in the bill, I will continue to remain vigilant in support of funding for trails, walking, and biking, which I agree are crucial elements of good transportation planning.

The Highway Bill passed the House of Representatives on November 5 and is now in a conference committee to reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. As we work to finalize the first long-term highway reauthorization in a decade, I hope you will continue to share your thoughts. Again, thank you for contacting me.


Denny Heck
Member of Congress

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Time for A Song -- Sublime Sound edition.

This song best illustrates the capabilities of my sound equipment. On my system this song has great detail and resonance across the spectrum. It sounds absurdly amazing.

20180107 The Song's Been Deleted From Bandcamp.
Alas, the embed below, and the link further down are broken as a result. --amj

Sound System:
Infinity RS-1 2-way speakers
Yamaha RX-396 Stereo Receiver
SoundBlaster Audigy PCI card
Alsa v1.0.25

I downloaded the song as a FLAC. If you need songs to take to the stereo store to test equipment, I can't recommend this one strongly enough.

Saturday 12 April 2014

Ruminations For A New Tomorrow.

A month and a half left

On Tuesday the 8th of this month (April) I deleted all my mom's phone messages off of my answering machine. I copied them to a monolithic audio file a few months back, but couldn't bring myself to delete them from the answering machine until the other day. No special catalyst. I was just ready to. A full 30 of 36 messages were functionally indistinguishable from each other.

I used to keep my place quite nice. That picture of my living room linked to here and in my last post was how it always looked prior to my mom dying. But I really dropped the ball afterward, and seemed to always be stepping over clothes and toys –– computer parts; bike parts; music CDs; found items; etc. Seriously, get your mind out of the gutter. Dust and other detritus create a reasonably foul smell when it collects. It smells like decay. That smell was definitely present over the last couple of months. My HEPA filter vacuums –– yes, that's plural on purpose. One was free. –– are making quick work of the accumulations, and having given away all of the big furniture that used to be in the living room has helped mitigate the dust and odor considerably.

Much of this seems like it might be grasping at straws, and that it's somewhat disjointed. I suppose that I will spend some time massaging it out more as time goes on. I'll certainly have plenty of time to think about it on the drive to my brother's house. Living two states away from where I grew up is actually quite nice. I never feel compelled to tour the old neighborhood since it's so out of mind. I do look at it on Google Maps every few years. Maybe that's why I have such apprehension about going down to the L.A. area to visit my brother when I'm finally out of here. The thought of riding my bike around the places I grew up and rode bikes is disturbing in a full-circle, facing my mortality, sort of way, I suppose. Well, maybe not facing my mortality, but being in one of those situations that never in a million years would I have ever imagined myself being in. For example, when I used to drive through Olympia on my to and from Eugene or California after moving to Tacoma, Washington I never thought I would live here and drive one particular stretch of I-5 to the point that I can not see it with the same amazement that I used to have when I hit that stretch where for a brief moment it goes from three lanes to six. It meant I was getting close to home. That lacks the emotional impact of riding a bike through my old stomping grounds in L.A. I don't know if I can better illustrate this.

A couple of years ago I took one of my bikes to Spanaway, which is a suburb just South of Tacoma, and tried to ride through the neighborhoods I lived in and down the roads I used to ride daily in '92-'93. It was cycling heaven back then. Anyway, I got such an overwhelming feeling of dread and foreboding that I bailed out after about 15 minutes of riding. I rode back to my car, put my bike on the rack and drove home to Olympia never to try that again. Not sure what was going on there, but it was super super creepy.

The Temple Of The Bean

Even driving on a couple of different occasions through the old neighborhoods in Tacoma proper where I lived for 12 years feels alien and unwelcoming. (I've never tried to ride a bike there since moving to Olympia.) The only thing I come away with from those experiences is that that past needs to stay where it is lest I become trapped in a cyclical attempt to recreate and live in that past and make different choices in some things hoping to affect a different future. I don't want to forget all my years in Tacoma, but longing for a return to it and dwelling there is not good for me. Perhaps because I somehow understand that to do so would be stunting of my growing forward. Most of the best and memorable years of my life happened in Tacoma, as did the lion's share of my personal growth. Tacoma is more than any other the place where I grew up. I do desire to return to those places and times. But they, and the people I was surrounded by, are gone forever. Although, to be fair some things and people that were on the periphery of my life there are shockingly still the same. After ten years. To quote Sherry the stewardess (Laraine Newman of Saturday Night Live), "Norman Mailer was right. You can't go home."

It could also be just as true that I do not want to face the mistakes and the emotional entanglements from those times in Tacoma and Spanaway. The overwhelming feelings of detachment and dread might be a physical reaction to the proposition of facing unresolved desires and missed opportunities. A combination of attempting to live in the past, yet not wanting to face the connection between choices made then and outcomes leading to where I am now could be crippling, I think.Oh, Olympia. I do love thee. Revisiting the old neighborhoods forces me in to a conscious confrontation with that stuff. That brings up interesting ramifications for my soon-coming departure from Olympia. What will come of my affections, disaffections, and attachments to this town?

So maybe all of that in the last three paragraphs is the reason for the visceral connection that I couldn't completely make when describing my lack of desire to visit the neighborhoods, and stomping grounds of my childhood in L.A., as disturbing. Not the closing of a loop in life and time, but a needing to leave things past in their place in time to be recalled but not revisited. Of all the things from that life there is little that can be replayed to different effect. What from that time that is unresolved and haunts me still may never find resolution, but is destined to be replayed. As distasteful as that notion is to type perhaps it's what will keep me true. True to what, I do not know. I'm still feeling very much the rudderless vessel floating aimlessly since my mom died. I have dreams. The single focus of the last few years has been to make those dreams come true. I've heard myself saying recently, "Don't get overwhelmed. Just keep moving forward."

Wednesday 2 April 2014


My mom died back in July of last year. She was glad to go, actually. I used to tell her, "Gee, Ma. You're probably gonna live to be a hundred."
"I hope not!" She would reply.
She never complained much the whole time she was dying. She would acknowledge symptoms and such, but never bemoaned her lot. She was quite remarkable like that.

Her death cast off the last mooring line holding me in my current life. I've been planning for many years to travel away on my bike. The opportunity is here. I had originally penned a rather caustic intent to vacate letter voicing my anger over being told by the property manager after telling them that another rent increase was going to price me out of my home, "Well you'll just have to go find other people to live with." The first draft of my letter called this a despicably callous statement, and expressed that it permanently damaged my relationship with them. I also magnanimously offered to let the property owner reconsider the increase that takes effect this month. Both points were left out of the final copy I tendered this afternoon. I'm still fuckin' pissed, though.

Three different strangers showed up at the same time yesterday to cart stuff off. My ex-wife and I picked up a shelving unit made out of blocks and dowels at a yard sale that I had been using sections of as really great speaker stands since I moved to this apartment. They went away at the same time that the bulk of my kitchen stuff went out to another vehicle to be driven off to a new life. The only person that left empty-handed had come for my Brother FAX-printer-copier that had been working flawlessly when it was mothballed a couple of years ago. Black streaks are now showing up on every page such that it's useless for anything but the FAX function. I apologized profusely for their futile efforts. We had been coordinating in narrow misses for a day and a half due to each other's schedule. More computer equipment went to the local computer rebuild/recycle shop downtown. A former coworker will be coming this afternoon for a bookcase and the electronics stand -- for lack of a better description, and that can be seen here along with part of the shelving in its role as a speaker stand -- upon and within which sat the television I'd been gifted, one of my stereo receivers, CD racks, and the network equipment. It happens that I don't have a lot of stuff, but I have a lot of stuff that I hold dear. There is still much to get rid of that fits this distinction. My beloved double pedestal tanker desk with two typewriter trays. All steel. Original Formica® top. I love that thing. It was built to outlast us all. It would kill me to have that desk spend its last days languishing in an overstuffed garage somewhere rusting in to oblivion.

Tomorrow would have normally been my Monday. I did things right and tendered an official two week notice. My boss says they will hire me back. Only two people had any idea that I was leaving when my last day rolled around. The night shift manager was shocked in to speechlessness when I offered them my hand and said I'd worked my last shift. They didn't believe me until I pointed out that I was not on the next schedule. One thing my ex-wife taught my was how to keep quiet. I used to be an open book with people. No more. Thanks, I guess?

Of course, I'm terrified. I like to think that being terrified will help me be thoughtful and measured in my approach to moving forward with my travel adventure. And while there is much to do, I wonder when, or if, the inspiration will strike to pound out 3,000 - 5,000 words of adventure chronicles. <sigh>

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Sleep Is A Crutch.

Today was Day One of a ten day vacation. Sadly, this is an accomplish-goals-that-I-don't-have-time/energy-for-when-working vacation, not a play vacation. :-(

On this, the first day of said vacation, I woke up and was completely awake a full two hours before I would normally wake up on a workday. WTF?!? I was not amused.

A friend asked me this morning on twitter to name three things I'd like to do on my vacation. I immediately came up with the following:

  1. Ride my bike every day!
  2. Get rid of all my big furniture. (There's a story behind this one.)
  3. Find a dentist that will cost less than US$1,500.
So, how am I doing with my goals so far? Here's my Vacation Day One recap:
Goals achieved - None.
Tomorrow - Tattoo touch-up appointment after lunch; bike ride planned; dentist search.

The rain started tonight.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday 10 December 2013

So, Yup...

Update: As of 01.01.2014 I returned to Twitter. There's just too many people and too much information that I find interesting. I'll probably lose my mind again, but I'll just log off. Probably.

Just had a Twitter meltdown. I read the New York Post editorial titled "The New York Times’ ‘homeless’ hooey," and just lost my fucking mind. I disabled my account and will probably not go back. In fact, I've removed all the twitter clients from my computers this evening. I'm not going to link to the Post editorial. Instead, you can go look for yourself if you wish to read the whole editorial, or see my screen capture here. The Times article follows one family as they struggle with the effects of poverty and the New York shelter system. It's a compelling narrative of desperation that I can not even fathom. Whatever the flaws of this family may be, it is their reality, and it is stunning to me that so much power and wealth is arrayed against giving the children any kind of security.

I would like to say this as a direct critique of the editorial. Telling me "one city official" said anything without full attribution -- you know, like naming names -- is fucking meaningless! It means nothing. It's bullshit. It is tantamount to my saying, "I heard from a city official that after the recent parking meter fiascoes, Olympia plans to do away with all metered parking throughout Downtown. I mean, I'd love to tell you who it was that said that, but that official fears retribution so I can't." Merely saying it is not possible that I heard it doesn't make me wrong since you have no way of confirming my statement. I can simply insist its true, and there's nothing you can do to prove I'm making shit up.

I'm an atheist. This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but there is no longer any reason to pretend that the people of wealth and power privilege that claim to be Christians are anything less than worshipers of the Christian Satan. These smug jerks who are obsessed with amassing their personal fortunes beyond that which they will even need are almost without exception the same people who violently attack the poor with their words and legislation. It's in their language that says we need to coddle the rich, and do nothing to help the poor, and in fact blames them for not thriving in an environment that is institutionally rigged to make upward mobility as difficult as possible.

I've got news for you. If you raise taxes on the rich, they will still be rich. The greed of most of these people will drive them to continue on their quest to amass wealth. If you raise taxes on the poor or ill, and cut their SNAP, Medicare, and/or Social Security benefits they will still be poor, except even more so. And while I'm at it, if you count yourself a Liberal, or Progressive, or Leftist, or whatever, stop calling programs that are part of the US social safety net "entitlements!" They are not fucking entitlements. Particularly those that workers have paid in to. The word entitlement is a conjuration of the very people who are running around looking to excuse and float their greed on the backs of people with the least. What dark-hearted sickness would make anyone so greedy that they would label poor and sick people as feeling entitled to food, shelter and health care? I would ask what's wrong with providing reasonable food, shelter, medical care, and income to people who are physically or mentally not capable of working, but we're talking about an oligarchical group that often blame the poor and infirm for being poor and infirm. No amount of dying or suffering will change the minds and behavior of these people from contempt to compassion. To add the final insult to injury, these people simply ignore the outrage. I believe we need to call these people out as serving the very evil that their heavily crafted silver-tongued words attempt to convince us they are fighting. The reality is that these people are lying and using fear to manipulate people to maintain power and the status quo. They deserve neither tolerance or courtesy.

There is no "[G|g]od," but I'll be goddamned if the obscenely wealthy oligarchs of this world and those who attack the least of society on the oligarch's behalf don't make me want to believe in Satan. Allison Killkenny from The Nation illustrated how their attitudes translate with the following, "Fuck the poor, and especially children."

0x29a@MyOpera Is Dead.

My account at My Opera is gone. Forever. I'd been there for over ten years. I've met many influential people there. Today I have deleted that account. Short and sweet.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Guerilla Gardening CAN Happen Anywhere.

I want to be a part of something like this. There must be a better way than the current model of profit-driven food production. There is no need to revisit images of the massive food waste in the U.S. and other countries because it did not sell, and therefore can not be profited from. The mountains of rotting food are simply absurd.

(Some language may be NSFW.)

Part of the rationale of the Dream is to learn how to grow organic food, and save and distribute free seeds in areas like those shown in this talk.

Saturday 26 October 2013

Time For A Song -- I Have No Idea Who This is edition.

This is a really great song. I wish I knew who this was. I've done Internet searches on the lyrics, and they've all come up empty. Please tell me in the comments if you know who this is. Words in brackets [] are either unintelligible to me, or what I think I hear. They may be wrong.

Isn't it crazy, what this war has done?
Sit there shouting, "We won! We won! We won!"
All you've wanted [is] the trust of the nation.
And wasn't the idea, Iraq salvation. No.

Sure, I've heard the word freedom said,
but I see no freedom. See the dead.
I see wounded children and empty homes.
Wives without husbands and babies alone.
Shelters made out of land mine shells.
Is freedom then a livin' hell?

In that case, you've won. Win top prize.
And what you ask. You can tell more lies now.
Governments agree to cover your back.
Who's coverin' the back of civilians in Iraq now?

Sure, I've heard the word freedom said,
but I see no freedom. See the dead.
I see wounded children and empty homes.
Wives without husbands and babies alone.
Shelters made out of land mine shells.
Is freedom then a livin' hell?

You're still the leader, and damage done.
And look to the aftermath, and what you won now.
Victims wander around askin' why
They're in the wrong place at the wrong time.
But there wasn't a right time [???] to know
They were being used as a reality TV show.
Screened live all day on different stations,
So others could watch the devastation,
With a packet of popcorn and hand on the phone.
They live the war while we watch from home.
We watch from a distance always free
From any effects that there may be
But what about Iraq? They didn't ask
For the war that made them TV stars.

And sure, I've heard the word freedom said,
but I see no freedom. I see the dead.
I see wounded children and empty homes.
Wives without husbands and babies alone.
Shelters made out of land mine shells.
You've given them, you've given them a livin' hell?

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Virgo Horoscope for week of October 10, 2013

"I'd rather be in the mountains thinking of God than in church thinking about the mountains," said the naturalist John Muir. Let that serve as your inspiration, Virgo. These days, you need to be at the heart of the hot action, not floating in a cloud of abstract thoughts. The dream has to be fully embodied and vividly unfolding all around you, not exiled to wistful fantasies that flit through your mind's eye when you're lonely or tired or trying too hard. The only version of God that's meaningful to you right now is the one that feeds your lust for life in the here and now.

I don't even have words for this, given the recent events in my life. I've set a concrete goal of leaving at the end of February. Just stunning.


My Opera Has Become A Spam Riddled Shit Stain On the Internet.


I loved My Opera. I started blogging there. Many important people people in my life are/were there. There's Ruben, Violeta, Dave, Pechkin, Harry, and several others that made my stay there a strong and meaningful experience. A few have even impacted my everyday Real World life, for which I'll be forever grateful (Harry. I use Linux Mint to this day because of you).

Now My Opera is overrun with spam. It's truly a shit stain. As shown in the picture above, all new posts on the page, with the exception of the occasional one or two, are spam. I tried to fight back. I really did. I hunted down and reported spam blogs every chance I got. One time, I even compiled and reported a list of over 60 spam blogs in less than an hour. That would be easy to do at any given moment now, things are so bad. But, outside of a couple of dedicated volunteer moderators, there seems to be little interest or concern from Opera ASA, so fuck it. I give up.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Today In The Northwest III

The wind has picked up significantly. I just heard the first boom, and as I was typing this just saw the first flash. Here it comes...

1212 PM PDT TUE OCT 8 2013

1212 PM PDT TUE OCT 8 2013



Tuesday 17 September 2013

Fill Me With Urandom.

I'm too poor this week to do anything with my weekend which started yesterday. So, I decided to have some fun with a spare hard drive that had a Windows 7 installation on it. I've been planning on repurposing it, but I've been being pretty lazy of late.$ sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb
Disk /dev/sdb: 500.1 GB, 500107862016 bytes
81 heads, 63 sectors/track, 191411 cylinders, total 976773168 sectors
Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disk identifier: 0x6c44755f

Device Boot   Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sdb1      2048   976773167   488385560   83  Linux
Enter /dev/urandom$ cat /dev/urandom >> /mnt/int0/fill_me_with_shit
cat: write error: No space left on device
$ df /dev/sdb1
Filesystem     1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdb1      480720616 456301324         0 100% /mnt/int0
It took about 9hours to fill the drive with a 435G file of redirected /dev/urandom output.$ ls -l /mnt/int0/fill_me_with_shit
-rw-rw-r-- 1 andrew andrew 467044749312 Sep 17 13:01 /mnt/int0/fill_me_with_shit
It will be quite fun to see how long it will take to wipe a 435G file using 33 passes.$ cd /mnt/int0/
$ time shred -n 32 -v -u -z ./fill_me_with_shit
shred: ./fill_me_with_shit: pass 1/33 (random)...616MiB/435GiB 0% ...

My idea of a good time. :)

Friday 6 September 2013

Time For A Song -- They're Telling Me Who The Enemy Is Again edition.

Kerry lied during an interview yesterday about his October 2002 war resolution vote. He said he voted against the resolution to attack Iraq. He didn't.

Note: The link to the Kerry interview video on MSNBC in the paragraph above does not work in Opera. Use Firefox, or even better, Tor.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Rep. Denny Heck

Rep. Denny Heck
10th District, Washington State
425 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
phone: 202-225-9740
fax: 202-225-0129

Issue: Defense/Military

Message Subject: Vote NO on Syria Military Authorization.
Message Text:

As a constituent, I am writing to let you know that I oppose a military attack on Syria. Further, as your constituent I strongly urge that you vote no on any resolution to use military force against Syria. It's bad enough to have to live with my government's hypocrisy on the use of chemical weapons and its own use of WMD, but to stand idly by while that same government lashes out against another regime's internal conflict on such a hypocritical matter would be unconscionable. Of course, the civil war is horrible, but it's not our war. It is that of the Syrians, and other regional governments.

Other governments have already declared their opposition to the U.S. conducting military strikes. These voices are poised to escalate the conflict if the U.S. acts. This has the potential to be globally catastrophic. Military action would merely be an attempt to back up the egregious bravado already put forth by the Obama Administration. In essence, it would be an utter failure in diplomacy. I will not risk the harm this could unleash on this earth and its inhabitants. Therefore, I must insist that you vote no on the resolution for military action when it comes before congress. I will leave you with this thought, "Force is the weapon of the weak."

- page 1 of 5